The Queen at Pride Park

In November 1996, when former Derby County Football Club Chairman Lionel Pickering laid the foundation stone for Pride Park Stadium, few in attendance would have imagined the way both the stadium and the surrounding development would have gone on to enhance the perception of Derby as a city.

Members of our team have been involved with Derby County from the early ’90s when life focused around the Baseball Ground. However, our influence at the new stadium started with the small matter of the wording that appears on the foundation stone.

Our skills were called for again in the creation of the commemorative plaque, unveiled by Her Majesty the Queen in July 1997, which today sits proudly in the entrance hall.

In a time which remains one of the most exciting periods in the history of the football club, our own involvement in the shaping of the new stadium grew week on week.

From meetings with Taylor Woodrow the developers around wayfinding signage, to visiting the home of the Chairman on the naming and branding of the new stadium.

Our managing director remembers: “Lionel felt strongly about retaining history in the new stadium, hence why he commissioned the creation of ‘The Baseball Bar & Grill’.”

“He also favoured using “The New Baseball Ground” as the name for the stadium, visuals for which we created. Ultimately we helped steer the name to reflect the area in which the new arena was located, Pride Park.”

“The legacy of our long relationship with Derby County still resonates today, with the famous “We are Derby” branding we introduced in 2008 now a permanent statement inside and outside of the stadium.”

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