Process to become accepted into new supply chains

We have been working closely with local businesses in the supply chains to some of the UK’s leading OEMs for many years. This experience has taught us that today, more than ever before, supply chain visibility is critical.

This is due to a number of factors, not least that OEM and Tier 1/2 supply chains are far more global and outsourced than ever before, with emerging technologies opening up more and more opportunities.

Therefore it’s critical that your business quickly assesses its own visibility and capabilities and starts to address any barriers it faces in being selected as part of a supply chain framework.

Focus on inbound marketing

In order for businesses to elevate themselves above their competitors, marketing has a key role to play. Not least as it helps build relationships between channel partners and focuses the attention of partners towards customer requirements.

In an environment where the B2B landscape is continually shifting – supply chain businesses are moving towards inbound rather than outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound (content) strategies involve drawing potential customers in, such as by publishing informative content via blogs or social media, and can improve SEO.

Such content often centres around industry expertise, as it is important to recognise that customers today want more from you than just your product or service.

This content needs to be thought-provoking too, potentially highlighting that as a business you can help address some of the challenges an industry sector faces as well as answering the intriguing question “what’s coming next?”.

Shifting towards an inbound marketing strategy, therefore, will both help demonstrate your industry expertise and increase the visibility of your company.

Highlight your USPs

Finally, as is the case with any business, it is important to determine the unique selling point of your supply chain company.

This USP (or more likely USPs) needs to offer your potential clients true value.

One challenge that industry in general faces is the use of organic or recycled materials for its products.

Due to the growing concern surrounding climate change and plastic pollution, any bid to make your supply chain company more sustainable will help you stand out in an extremely crowded marketplace.

Get in touch to see how we can help your supply chain business.

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