Signs and banners

In an increasingly digital age, mobile devices and big data have had a huge impact on the marketing industry.

However, printing has been around for over 500 years and its importance has not wavered – print marketing continues to hold a firm position within the marketing mix.

Print works better than any other form of marketing – around double the amount of individuals act on direct mail when compared to email marketing.

This is because print stands out, is highly trusted and lasts longer.

Print vs. digital

The digital landscape is faced-paced and a huge number of companies are constantly battling to be heard. A social media post only stays on a customer’s feed for so long, likewise blog posts only feature at the top of a website until the next blog is posted.

On the other hand, print marketing materials remain relevant for a much longer period of time, meaning they continue to drive engagement.

A typical physical brochure is also more memorable, as the simple act of touching the pages you are reading makes it easier for customers to remember information.

Unless you have stayed away from the news for the past few years (and completely wiped the existence of Donald Trump from your mind) you will have come across the term fake news.

Another advantage of print marketing is that readers trust print content much more than they do digital. This is perhaps because it is more time and energy consuming to create than, for example, writing a simple tweet.

Key print formats


These are one of the most widely used print formats and are great for showcasing large amounts of information. Print brochures can be referred to again and again, and they are a great sales tool.

The Manchester Airports Group brochure we designed below is a great example of how large amounts of text can be displayed in a print document.


As just a single, double-sided sheet, postcards are hugely versatile. These can be used for direct mail promotions, included in brochures, or simply placed on show in a reception area.

As these are only a single page, they are easy to read and quickly get the point across.

We designed the postcards for Oviso below to highlight their customer testimonials.

Business Cards

These are essential for use during networking events, including exhibitions and seminars.

As a large majority of people still judge a business based on their business cards, the design and quality of these is extremely important.

We opted for a simple, sleek design during the production of the CWC Group’s business cards below.

Signs and Banners

Perfect for sporting events, trade shows and busy city streets, banners are a great way to advertise. These have a great ROI as they can be on display for extended periods of time, providing long-lasting recognition and exposure.

Signs and banners are also incredibly memorable as they can be encountered on multiple occasions.

We designed the banner below to align with Colorado Rapids’ new marketing campaign.

Design is key

Engaging colours, innovative formats and high-quality materials are key to designing successful print collateral.

With over 25 years experience in the print industry and by paying close attention to every stage of the print process, we ensure each print item we produce is of the very best design and quality.

Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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