Mental health in an agency envionronment

An agency environment like ours can often induce stressful deadlines and the pressure to meet client expectations, therefore we take the mental health of our employees very seriously.

As a close-knit team, it’s important for us to maintain good working relationships with each other and ensure workplace morale stays consistent. Here are three ways in which we do this, in turn promoting a sense of mental wellbeing.

1. Listen to everyone

We treat all employees equally, from junior staff to directors. Everyone is given the same opportunity to share their opinions and ideas, with no bias towards higher ranking staff members.

We have worked hard to create a culture in which we all work together towards one common goal — to provide clients with the highest quality work possible. This builds confidence and keeps staff motivated as they all feel equally important to the business.

2. Encourage openness

Every employee is encouraged to speak up if they have a problem — whether work-related or personal — and support is given whenever required.

We pride ourselves on being an open and understanding agency that respects the diverse range of issues that can occur in life, and we always make sure to provide workplace solutions or adaptations any individual may need.

We also place importance on emotional support, giving all staff the opportunity to confide in a senior manager if they are struggling to manage their workload or feeling mentally unwell.

3. Mental health awareness

Mental illness can affect anyone at any time and is often complex and distressing. Through the work we carry out we create a family-like bond between our staff, meaning we are close enough to each other to notice any significant changes in behaviour or mood.

Our team work together to promote a positive agency environment where no one feels afraid of judgement, or the need to suffer in silence.

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