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This week we saw non-essential businesses open up their doors to the public for the first time in almost three months, but many of us – or those that can – are still working from home.

It may feel like an eternity, or even a nice change, but we know that most of us will be heading back into the workplace in the near future. And no doubt when we do COVID-19 social distancing measures will still be in place, so it’s important for staff and visitors that your business has a clear strategy for the new work environment.

With this in mind, based on our 45 years’ experience in the world of print design, we’re launching a new Return to Work Package. Flexible and adaptable to your business, it includes a range of materials that can be branded and tailored to suit your requirements. Here’s a breakdown of what it involves…


As we head back to work, signage will play an essential part. From reminding staff and visitors that they need to wash their hands and maintain social distance to reinforcing new wayfinding systems or waiting area safety instructions. Signage needs to be clear, understandable and easy to follow.

Floor sticker concept design.


Banners are large portable displays perfect for grabbing attention. Typically around 80cm wide by approximately 2 metres high, banners can be used to advise visitors and staff of your COVID-19 strategy and are usually placed at a prominent location within your premises.

Whether it’s regularly washing your hands, wearing a mask, maintaining a two metre distance, or even notifying visitors about a new waiting area system, these are great for highlighting any important safety information.

Pull-up banner concept design.

Window graphics

If you need to tell visitors to wait in a specified area for assistance or let them know of a maximum occupancy limit, window graphics are a good choice for your business. They’re especially useful if you have minimal outdoor space and need to notify visitors before they enter your premises.

Window graphics are versatile, affordable and many are easily removed, meaning you can quickly update the message as Government Guidelines change.

return to work window graphic design
Window graphic concept design.

Documentation design

With the government’s COVID-19 guidelines in place you may need to conduct more risk assessments and produce health and safety documents to ensure your business is doing the best it can to provide a safe environment for staff and visitors. These need to be branded appropriately, engage readers and display the most important information. Thoughtful design is essential to checking these boxes.

safety poster design
Safety poster document created for Manchester Airport.


A hugely versatile print material, postcards are great for quick and simple direct mail purposes. Build brand loyalty and let your clients know that you’re back and looking forward to working with them again with a simple, personal postcard.

postcard design for DrivenMedia
Postcard design for DrivenMedia.

A tailored package

As the UK looks to balance kick-starting the economy with public safety, government guidelines will relax and potentially retighten – meaning quick turnaround is fundamental.

Our experience in document design, ability to display large amounts of information in a clear, engaging way and produce print to rigid deadlines is what we do best.

We take your brand’s guidelines – it’s colours, message, fonts and logos – and produce a range of print materials required for your business to ensure you keep staff and visitors safe while they’re on your premises.

Get in touch to see how we can help you get back to work safely.

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