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As a multi-award-winning studio with a range of blue-chip engineering clients, Bloc Digital is at the forefront of the digital visualisation industry. And with a ‘create once, use many’ ethos, the team strive to combine their four core disciplines – 3D modelling, animation, immersive (VR and AR) and web and app development – to deliver results that can be easily reused or repurposed.

Through the use of AR apps, VR customer experiences, animations and beyond, Bloc Digital help bring brands like Shell, GSK and Rolls-Royce to life.

Digital Visualisation

bloc arch viz

Based in Bournemouth, Bloc ArchViz are a talented team of 3D modellers, graphic designers and visualisation experts who specialise in the building industry. They work closely with product manufacturers, interior designers, architects and creative agencies to produce stunning architectural visualisations of photorealistic quality, including CGI imagery, 360 virtual/VR tours, animations, and AR applications.

Bloc ArchViz allow users to accurately visualise future properties and products, providing them with the confidence to buy.

Architectural Visualisation

bloc media

For broadcast, cultural, heritage and public-facing clients, including the TV and film-making industry, museums and more, Bloc Media offers innovative and commercial products and services to entertain and engage audiences.

By creating the assets required for VFX, cinematics, animation, CGI, AR and VR, the company creates audience-specific creative content to communicate messages, feelings and attitudes in an immersive and engaging environment.


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